Experience the thrill of Winter Olympics betting with expert predictions, live odds, and in-depth event analyses. Enhance your strategy and enjoy wagering on the world’s premier winter sports competition.

Unlocking Your Guide to 2026 Winter Olympics Betting

“Research is key to Olympic profits,”

Notes handicapping expert David Malinsky.

As a veteran sports betting analyst, I know that the Winter Olympics present exciting new wagering opportunities beyond mainstream leagues.

But with 15 approved sports and endless events, the betting possibilities can seem overwhelming for newcomers.

By leveraging my decade of experience dissecting odds and lines, I’ve created this complete beginner’s guide to unlock winning with Winter Olympics betting.

Equipped with insight on bet types, futures, props and advanced strategy, new bettors can now dive in with confidence.

Let me walk you through everything you need to know to bank on Gold in the extravaganza!

Getting Up to Speed on Olympic Betting Lines and Odds

Before you start placing wagers on Olympic events, it’s important to understand the different bet types and how to read the odds.

Moneyline Olympic Betting

Moneyline betting is the most straightforward wager you can make on the Olympics.

You simply pick which athlete or team you think will win an event. Olympic moneyline odds will be presented with a 3-digit number like +120 or -150.

The negatives indicate the favorites, while the positive numbers show the underdogs.

The bigger the number, the bigger an upset it would be if that competitor won gold.

For example, the Canadian women’s ice hockey team may be -500 favorites to win gold over the USA at +300.

A $100 bet on Canada would return just $20 profit, while a $100 wager on the USA would net $300 if they manage to pull off the upset.

Point Spread Betting at the Winter Olympics

Point spread betting adds excitement to lopsided Olympic matchups by handicapping the favorites.

If Canada women’s hockey was -3.5 goal favorites over the USA, they would need to win by 4 or more goals for a point spread bet on them to cash.

Meanwhile, a bet on the USA +3.5 would win if the game finishes with Canada winning by 3 or less.

This type of wagering can make Olympic contests with seemingly guaranteed outcomes worth watching.

OVER/UNDER Betting on Olympic Totals

OVER/UNDER or totals betting applies to medal counts, race times, final scores, or any quantifiable Olympic metric.

Sportsbooks will predict the total, then you simply wager whether you think the actual number will end up higher (OVER) or lower (UNDER).

For example, you could bet on whether the total number of Alpine skiing medals for a country like Austria will go OVER or UNDER 5.5 at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

This betting style works for head-to-head matchups too, like predicting whether the total goals in a Canada-USA men’s hockey final would go OVER or UNDER 5.5.

Exploring Exciting Olympic Betting Opportunities

Once you understand the basics, it’s time to explore the many betting types exclusive to the Olympics.

Olympic Futures Betting

Leading up to the Olympics, you can place futures bets on outcomes before the Games even begin.

Wagers like picking how many gold medals a country will win or who will top the medal table are very popular.

Futures betting on 2022 Winter Olympics tournament winners is also available, whether it’s for ice hockey, curling, or ski jumping.

These bets often come with very generous odds far in advance of the opening ceremonies. Savvy Olympic bettors target value by betting futures early.

Unique Olympic Prop Bets

Props or “proposition bets” focus on very specific Olympic outcomes.

Instead of just picking competition winners, Olympic props allow you to bet on exciting scenarios like:

  • Which country will win the first gold medal
  • Whether a star athlete like Mikaela Shiffrin will win multiple skiing medals
  • If Norway’s cross-country skiing team will sweep the podium in an event

Some props can be dicey or silly, but they undoubtedly make Olympic betting more entertaining.

Step Up Your Olympics Betting Game

Once you master Olympic odds and bet types, it’s time to deploy some advanced betting tactics.

Parlay Your Way to Massive Olympic Payouts

Parlay bets combine multiple wagers onto a single betting slip for exponentially higher payouts. They can turn small Olympic bets into huge potential scores.

For example, a $20 4-leg parlay bet on:

  • Canada to win women’s hockey gold
  • USA to win the men’s hockey tournament
  • Mikaela Shiffrin to win 2+ medals
  • Norway OVER 102.5 total medals

Could return over $3,000! But remember, every individual wager on a parlay must hit for it to cash.

The Thrill of Live Winter Olympics Betting

Live, in-game betting opens up new possibilities for betting on Olympic events as they unfold.

Wagers like next goalscorer, period winner, updated medal counts, or whether a record time will happen are very popular.

The dynamic of events can change in an instant, causing live odds to fluctuate accordingly.

Savvy in-game bettors can capitalize on adjusted lines and odds boosts by betting live.

Essential Olympics Betting Tips and Strategy

Follow these key tips to crush the competitions at the 2022 Winter Olympics:

General Olympic Betting Tips

  • Thoroughly research sports, athletes and events – especially obscure Winter Olympic competitions – to maximize betting value opportunities.
  • Always shop lines and odds across multiple sportsbooks to get the best prices on your Olympic picks.
  • Set a strict bankroll and stick to good money management to survive the ups and downs of this action-packed event.

Olympics-Specific Betting Strategies

  • Study betting trends and lessons learned from past Olympics when handicapping 2022. History often repeats itself.
  • Focus your betting on Winter Olympic sports you already follow like hockey, figure skating or Alpine skiing where your knowledge runs deep.

Gear Up to Hammer Your Olympic Picks

Now that you’re armed with elite betting insight for the 2022 Winter Olympics, it’s time to put your skills to the test! Sign up at leading sportsbooks today to take advantage of the best odds, bonuses and promotions.

The earlier you get registered, the more free bets and betting dollars you’ll have at your disposal when the Games begin.

Let the Winter Olympics Betting Bonanza Begin!

Thanks to this complete Winter Olympics betting guide, you now have all the knowledge needed to attack sportsbooks and hammer out consistent profits throughout the Games.

Soak in the stellar competition while enjoying the thrill of having action on all the pivotal events and outcomes. Then watch your bankroll ascend the medal podium!

Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Olympics Betting

What sports can you bet on at the 2022 Winter Olympics?

There are 15 sports approved for betting at the 2022 Winter Olympics: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short Track, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboard, and Speed Skating.

When can you start betting on the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Futures betting on Winter Olympics outcomes is already available at most online sportsbooks.

Prop bets, moneylines, and additional wagering variety will surge as the opening ceremonies on February 4, 2022 draw closer.

Is betting on the Olympics legal?

The legality of betting on the Olympics depends entirely on your location. In general, residents of jurisdictions with legalized sports betting can wager real money on the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Check your local gambling laws and regulations first.

What is the best sportsbook for betting on the 2022 Winter Olympics?

The top-rated sportsbooks for Olympics betting feature early lines and odds, big bonuses, a variety of wagers, props and live betting.

Leading options include DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM, PointsBet, Caesars Sportsbook and many others.

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