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Which Bet is Never Won in Singapore? Exploring Unwinnable Wagers

Singapore gambling offers the allure of winning big payouts. Yet some bets are designed so the house never loses.

These “never won” wagers may seem harmless fun, but carry risks for bettors. By understanding which bets have unbeatable odds, players can avoid trouble and bet smarter.

Looking at notable unwinnable bets both today and historically gives insight into these elusive wagers.

We’ll examine bets tied to major sporting events, as well as famous examples from casino games.

While the appeal of hitting an impossible jackpot is real, knowing which bets have indefatigable house edges is key.

Futile Bets on Major Sporting Events

Sportsbooks allow bettors to wager on practically anything, including many unlikely outcomes.

However, some betting markets are deliberately crafted so the probabilities are always stacked against the gambler:

Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl sees sportsbooks roll out novelty prop bets, like the length of the national anthem or the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach.

With only two outcomes, these look like 50/50 guesses. However, books deliberately set lines so the house edge is up to 30%, meaning profit over time is guaranteed.

Triple Crown Bets

Wagering on a horse to win the Triple Crown has lucrative payouts but has only occurred 13 times in history. The odds are intentionally astronomical, so while a win would bring a huge windfall, success is realistically impossible.

First Score Safety Bets

A bet on the first score in a football game being a safety normally pays out at +10000 odds. As safeties are exceptionally rare, occurring about once in every 40 games, this bet cannot reasonably be won through skill.

These examples let bettors wager on exciting unlikely events, but are crafted to secure profit for the sportsbooks, making them effectively unwinnable over time.

Notorious Unbeatable Casino Bets

Casinos have fine-tuned table games to give them mathematical edges. Certain optional side bets at these games are particularly notable for having virtually unbeatable odds:

Baccarat Pairs

This popular side bet offers payouts of up to 200:1 if the player or banker is dealt a pair. However, the probability of paired cards is low enough that the house edge is over 14%, making it completely futile.

Keno Spot Bets

In some versions of keno, players can bet that certain numbers will appear in exact spots. The huge payouts, like 2500:1 for hitting a 7-way spot bet, are misleading, as the odds of randomly hitting are near impossible.

Triple Zero Roulette

Most roulette wheels have a single 0 space, giving the house a 2.7% edge. Wheels with 00 slots double this edge to 5.4%. Triple 0 wheels with 0, 00 and 000 slots raise it further to over 7%, making winning unfeasible.

These casino bets share sky-high payouts but probability-defying odds that guarantee players lose over the long run. Professional gamblers avoid them, focusing on smarter wagers.

Famous Examples of Sucker Bets

Some legendary sucker bets are engrained in gambling history. These show that even experienced bettors can get fooled by seemingly quick and easy payouts:

1950s Parlay Cards

When parlay cards arrived in Las Vegas in the 1950s, gamblers jumped at combining college football bets for big rewards, not realizing the 10-11 match parlays were designed so winning was essentially impossible.

Roxborough’s Title Fight Challenge

Oddsmaker Jimmy Roxborough conned novice gamblers in the 1930s by “challenging” them to bet on multiple title fights at once, knowing the parlays were mathematically unwinnable.

Daytona 500 vs Super Bowl

Infamous oddsmaker Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder got neophyte bettors to take Super Bowl vs Daytona 500 match bets in the 60s, underestimating how improbable it was for the same team to win both events.

These historical examples show how clever marketing and tempting payouts can disguise even the most futile of wagers. Avoiding gimmicky bets that seem “too good to be true” is essential.

Why Are Some Bets Impossible to Win?

Sportsbooks and casinos use unwinnable bets for three main reasons:

  • They generate excitement and pull in casual gamblers, thanks to tempting potential payouts.
  • They allow bookmakers to offset risk on competitive betting lines elsewhere.
  • They provide a reliable stream of profit, as the house edge is all but guaranteed.

While recreational bettors see them as a bit of fun with big jackpot potential, sportsbooks use them strategically to ensure profitability. Being able to identify these carefully engineered wagers is an important skill.

Avoiding Futile Bets and Betting Smarter

Trying to win an impossible bet can lead to quick, mounting losses for bettors. But by understanding which bets to avoid, players can mitigate risk:

  • Recognize bets where odds of winning are deliberately microscopic. Don’t get drawn in by the hype.
  • Ignore novelty and prop bets where outcomes are completely random. These cannot be skillfully predicted.
  • Avoid games and tables with multiple flawed side bets or optional rules that boost the house edge.
  • Be wary of parlays, teasers, jackpots and other combo bets with longer odds that favor the house.
  • Stick to betting markets where skill and research can shift odds in the player’s favor over time.


While the lure of beating astronomical odds is strong, gamblers must be realistic. Identifying and dodging unwinnable bets allows smart betting focus on wagers with real return potential.

Getting swayed by sucker bets is how many gamblers go bust. With discipline and savvy, players can avoid these traps.

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