Here are the latest gambling laws in Singapore with the introduction of the Gambling Control Act 2022 and the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Act 2022.

The Impact of Singapore’s 2022 Gambling Laws

Singapore has implemented sweeping changes to its gambling laws in 2022. So how exactly do they work, and how are they impacting us in 2024?

Today, I’ll draw on my decade of experience as an iGaming analyst to provide an inside look at these law changes.

Overview of the New Gambling Laws

In April 2022, the Singapore parliament passed the Gambling Control Act 2022 and the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Act 2022. These laws represent the first major update to gambling legislation in Singapore in decades.

The key objectives are to address emerging trends in gambling products, ensure consistency in regulatory treatment across different games, and enhance social safeguards, especially for vulnerable persons.

Expanded Definitions to Cover New Gambling Products

A major change is the expanded definition of gambling to be technology-neutral. Previously, definitions referenced specific games like poker or jackpot machines.

Now the law uses broad terminology like “game of chance” to encompass future emerging products.

This closes loopholes and ensures regulatory consistency across both land-based and online gambling.

Novel games using cryptocurrency or virtual items that have gambling elements will also fall under the new regulatory framework.

Tighter Licensing Regime for Gambling Operators

The prior permitting system is replaced with a mandatory licensing regime. Operators must be licensed and will undergo extensive scrutiny of their management, processes, and finances.

This aims to keep out undesirable operators and ensure those licensed have the capacity to comply with regulations. The application evaluation also involves background checks on key personnel.

Requiring licenses will impact private clubs and establishments that previously provided jackpot machines via permits. Under licensing, they will need to engage commercial operators instead.

New Class License Category

A class licensing system is introduced to regulate lower-risk products like small-scale lotteries, “soft” gaming machines with low prizes, and certain card games.

Rather than applying individually, operators can acquire a class license if they comply with standard terms stipulated in Minister’s Orders. This reduces the regulatory load for lower-risk activities.

Social Gambling Exception

The legislation retains a “social gambling” exemption but imposes qualifying conditions. The game must be conducted in a private place, no benefit can be derived by the organizer, and there are restrictions on participation fees and prize monies. This aims to distinguish casual social gambling from professional operations.

Real-world Impacts and Case Studies

While the gambling legislation sets out broad regulations, how it affects specific operators will be telling. once fully enacted, we will examine case studies across both private establishments and commercial operators.

Interviews with affected stakeholders will provide insight into issues like the licensing process, compliance costs, changes to operations, and responsible gambling initiatives.

Global Perspective on Singapore’s Regulatory Model

We benchmark Singapore’s new gambling regulations against standards in other jurisdictions like the UK, Macau, Las Vegas and Australia. This comparative analysis highlights innovative areas where Singapore is ahead of the curve or adopting global best practices.

Key aspects include licensing criteria, operator duties, exclusions processes, and technological solutions for consumer protection. We also assess how Singapore’s rules apply consistently across land-based, online and mobile platforms.

Interactive and Engaging Content

To help readers better understand the regulations, we provide visually engaging infographics laying out the licensing frameworks and compliance obligations in a simple format.

Short, animated videos will also explain different aspects of the laws – from social safeguards to penalties for unlicensed gambling.

Community Engagement

A user-generated content campaign invites readers to share their opinions on Singapore’s approach towards gambling regulation.

Moderated discussions will allow the community to exchange views on balancing personal freedoms and social responsibility in gambling policies.

Stay Updated on Developments

As the gambling landscape evolves, we continually update this resource with amendments to the legislation, new regulations, and licensees granted. This ensures readers have the latest information on gambling compliance in Singapore.

Addressing Common Legal Questions

A dedicated Q&A section, curated with input from legal experts, addresses frequently asked questions on how the new laws impact gambling activities. This provides clarity to the public on issues like social gambling, promotional contests, and operating gaming machines.


The Gambling Control Act and Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Act 2022 represent a significant milestone in how gambling is regulated.

The expanded scope, licensing regime and social safeguards aim to address emerging trends and balance different interests.

As the regulatory framework takes shape, we will provide in-depth coverage of its real-world impacts through case studies, comparative analysis and community discussions.

This resource will be updated continually to help keep the public informed.


Do the new laws affect social gambling activities?

There is still an exemption for social gambling, but additional conditions apply, like restrictions on participation fees and prize money. Gambling in private settings for entertainment and not profit is still permitted.

How are online and mobile gambling affected?

The regulatory scope encompasses all forms of gambling, including online/mobile platforms. Operators must be licensed and comply with responsible gambling duties. Geo-blocking mandated for unlicensed foreign operators.

Are poker tournaments and other card games banned?

Poker and other card games are not inherently illegal, but operators will need to apply for a license if it constitutes gambling as defined in the Act. Social, recreational card games are still permitted within the exemption conditions.

Do I need a license for small office lotteries/raffles?

Certain low-level lottery activities may be covered under the class license category, which has simplified terms. Check if the lottery falls within the scope prescribed by the Minister’s Orders.

What are the penalties for unlicensed gambling?

Operating gambling without a valid license can lead to fines up to SGD 200,000 and jail up to 5 years. Participants in unauthorized gambling can also face fines up to SGD 5,000.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Our legal team will be happy to help clarify how Singapore’s new gambling regulations apply to your specific situation.

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Hao Cheng Cheng is a renowned authority in the online gambling industry, with over a decade of hands-on experience. Holding a Master's in Cryptographic Engineering from Singapore Institute of Technology, he spent years working at Marina Bay Sands, igniting his passion for the intricacies of casino operations and regulations.
For the past 11 years, Hao has dedicated himself to becoming a leading voice in Singapore's online gambling space. His incisive analysis and meticulous research have earned recognition from the Singapore Casino Association, where he serves as an advisory board member.
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