• Lucrative 96.5% RTP
  • Underwater arcade mayhem
  • Take down bosses for a power-up
  • Free-range payouts
  • Free demo to test the waters risk-free
  • Middle-of-the-road volatility
  • Betting ranges fit Junior, Expert and Godlike bankrolls only
  • No clear paylines

Fishing War Review: Hook, Line, and Sinker

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As a veteran slots analyst, I’m always scouting for innovative games that provide that perfect balance of entertainment and winning potential.

When Spadegaming rolled out Fishing War in 2020, its unique take combining slots and skill-based fishing mechanics caught my attention.

With more players in Singapore now enjoying slots online, this immersive underwater adventure has proven to be a hit with its vibrant graphics, strategic shooting skills, and diverse special fishes that can result in over 19,500x wins.

Join me as I dive deep into everything players need to know about gameplay, volatility, bonus features, and more in this thorough review of Fishing War.

Fishing War: Splash into an Underwater Adventure


Fishing War is an exciting fishing-themed slot game made by Spadegaming. Different from regular slots, this game mixes shooting underwater creatures with a chance to win real prizes.

Picture yourself diving into an ocean full of unique fish, sea monsters, and hidden treasures – all while aiming to score big!

Key Features:

  1. Gameplay: In Fishing War, your goal is to shoot the different fish symbols appearing on screen. Each fish awards prizes based on a special prize table. The game also has special skills and unique fishes that increase your chances of winning.
  2. Medium Volatility: Fishing War has medium volatility. This means you’ll get a balanced mix of frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts.
  3. Maximum Win: If luck is on your side, you can reel in up to 888 times your total wager. Not bad, especially with the game’s exciting features!
  4. Room Selection:
    • Junior Room: Bet range from SGD 0.01 to SGD 1.
    • Expert Room: Bet range from SGD 0.1 to SGD 5.
    • Godlike Room: Bet range from SGD 1 to SGD 10.
  5. Special Features:
    • Lightning Option: Boost chances of bigger prizes.
    • Double Canon: Multiply rewards.
    • Auto Mode: Let game shoot automatically.
    • Target Mode: Manually aim at specific fish.
    • Boss Battles: Face powerful bosses for extra excitement.
  6. Where to Play:
    • Kingmaker Casino: Offers Fishing War with 288% Welcome Bonus.
    • Winlandia Casino: Enjoy game with 100% Welcome Bonus.
    • Rollino Casino: Play Fishing War responsibly on their platform.
  7. Deposit and Withdraw:
    • Deposit using SGD via secure payment methods.
    • Withdraw winnings conveniently.
  8. Rating: Based on experience and research, I rate Fishing War 8.8 out of 10. The unique gameplay, boss battles, and potential rewards make it stand out for players seeking something fresh.

Remember, play responsibly and enjoy the splashy underwater adventure Fishing War offers!

Overview of Spadegaming and Fishing War

Spadegaming is a leading casino software developer in Asia, creating HTML5 slots and table games optimized for mobile play.

Founded in 2007, Spadegaming provides games to operators globally with a portfolio ranging from classic slots to innovative titles.

One such unique release is Fishing War, launched in 2020. This underwater-themed slot machine utilizes HTML5 technology for seamless mobile compatibility.

The high volatility slot has an RTP of 96% and a max win of 19,500x the stake.

Fishing War’s design centers around gathering treasures from the depths of the ocean by catching specialized fish.

With features like free spins, multiplier wins, and skill-based shooting gameplay, Fishing War provides an immersive experience.

How to Play Fishing War

Fishing War offers players plenty of customization and gameplay control for an engaging fishing adventure. Here is an overview of the main features:

Room Selection

When starting Fishing War, players can choose between three rooms: Junior, Expert, and Godlike. The Junior room has the lowest minimum bet but also the lowest potential payouts.

Expert provides a balance of risk and rewards. Godlike offers the highest possible payouts for advanced players.

Stake Setting

Before spinning, players set their bet level from a minimum of $0.20 up to $100 per spin across all rooms. Higher stakes offer greater possible payouts but also higher risk.

Exploring Symbols and Rules

Fishing War has traditional slot symbols like sevens and gems alongside fish and ocean creatures. The vibrant 2D graphics bring underwater treasures to life.

When spinning, a school of fish swims across the 5×3 reel area. Players “catch” fish with a canon to trigger payouts based on symbol values. Special rules apply for bonus fish.

Gameplay Options

Fishing War offers players options to customize gameplay:

  • Target – Manually aim and shoot the canon at specific fish
  • Auto – The canon automatically shoots for players
  • Double – Adds a second canon to catch more fish per spin
  • Lightning – Electrifies the water to catch entire schools of fish

These features allow players to tailor the Fishing War experience to their preferences.

Strategic Features for Big Wins

Fishing War includes bonus features that provide opportunities for strategic gameplay and massive wins.

Bonus Features

Landing yin-yang scatter symbols triggers 8 free spins with expanded reels for more catching opportunities. Players can also buy additional spins.

Random events like Anchor Blasts and Laser Fishes activate effects like extra wilds, multipliers, and symbol transformations to boost payouts.

Special Fishes

The most valuable symbols are the colorfully illustrated Special Fishes. These each offer different bonuses:

  • Golden Fish – 800x multiplier
  • Firework Fish – Transforms into wilds
  • Fortune Fish – Grants credit prizes
  • Laser Fish – Grants additional spins
  • Clam Fish – Opens to reveal symbols

Learn their behaviors to strategically catch these fish using skills like Lightning and Double Canon for the biggest possible wins.

Vibrant Theme and Design

Fishing War leverages its ocean concept through immersive visual and sound design. The backdrop displays an expansive underwater seascape. Symbols include pirate ships, gems, dragon statues, and bright fish.

The graphics have an oriental watercolor style combined with rich animations, like fish swimming across the reels. Asian instrumentals enhance the theme’s mystique when catching high-value fish.

Together, the sights and sounds make playing Fishing War feel like venturing across a lively, rewarding ocean.

Optimized for Mobile Gaming

As a HTML5 slot, Fishing War is optimized for mobile play across iOS and Android devices. The gameplay translates fluidly to smaller screens through thoughtful design.

Buttons and menus are easily accessible for setting bets or activating skills like Lightning. Players can manually catch fish by tapping targets or enable Auto mode. Portrait or landscape orientations are supported.

With robust graphics and animations, Fishing War provides a fully-featured fishing adventure on smartphones and tablets. Playing on the go makes waiting in lines or commuting more entertaining.

Diverse Array of Special Fishes

One of Fishing War’s highlights is the variety of unique special fishes that offer bonuses. Catching these at the right moments can result in huge multiplier wins.

Nine Special Fishes

In total, there are nine different special fishes swimming through the waters. This includes:

  • Azure Stone Fish – Adds wilds symbols
  • Firestorm Fish – Adds multiplier values up to 88x
  • Dragon Wheel Fish – Transforms into a mystery symbol
  • Flash Fighter Fish – Grants credit prizes
  • Lucky Cloud Fish – Adds five wilds
  • Laser Fish – Awards additional spins
  • Super Jackpot Fish – Awards the jackpot prize
  • Bomb Fish – Explodes into wild symbols
  • Abundance Fish – Respins remaining symbols

Each offers large payouts in unique ways, adding variety each round.

Fishing Skills

When certain special fish appear, players can utilize skills like Lightning or Double Canon to catch them and activate huge bonuses during free or paid spins.

Timing skills properly to land valuable fish adds to the strategic gameplay. There are many ways to win big through clever fishing.

Guide to Winning at Fishing War

While fishing games rely partly on luck, there are some strategies players can apply to boost their odds in Fishing War.

Understanding the Mechanics

The first key is learning the gameplay mechanics. Factors like symbol values, special fish behaviors, and bonus features dictate payouts. Practice free play rounds to gain familiarity.

Developing a Strategy

With experience, players can strategize based on gameplay elements, such as:

  • Target high-value normal fish just before free spins for a bankroll boost
  • Use Lightning to catch entire schools of fish during bonus rounds
  • Activate the Double Canon to catch multiple special fish when they appear
  • Take risks in the Godlike room when the bankroll allows it

The demo mode is invaluable for testing strategies risk-free.

Ultimately, observant players will learn how to identify and seize opportunities for enhanced payouts.

The Verdict: A Thrilling Underwater Adventure

Overall, Fishing War is an innovative and entertaining gaming option with several strengths:

  • Unique fishing game theme and design
  • Diverse special fishes with varied bonuses
  • Strategic shooting skills that affect wins
  • Compatibility across desktop and mobile
  • Godlike room offers massive payout potential

Minor limitations include the lack of a progressive jackpot and limited payline configurations. But the immersive gameplay provides excitement along with plenty of player control.

For slots fans seeking a diverse, skill-based experience, Fishing War is a top choice worth exploring.

Fishing War Alternatives to Consider in Singapore

While Fishing war  is a top game, here are some few alternatives you can check out:

  • Alien Hunter – Immersive game with high potential for significant wins.
  • Candy Pop 2 – Popular game with fast payouts.
  • Captain Golds Fortune – Mobile-Friendly game with generous payouts and jackpots.


Still have questions? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Do I Need to Deposit to Play Fishing War?

No, Fishing War is available in free play demo mode. Players can practice with virtual credits without wagering real money.

What is the Most Valuable Symbol?

The Golden Fish is the most lucrative symbol, offering payouts up to 800x the stake. Landing five on a payline awards the slot’s maximum win.

What Languages is Fishing War Available In?

Fishing War is localized into several languages, including English, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indonesian. The game adjusts based on region.

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