• Eye candy! Vibrant, delicious symbols make your mouth water
  • Cascading wins satisfy that sweet tooth
  • Multipliers multiply with each sugary cascade
  • Medium volatility strikes that perfect balance of frequent treats and sugary jackpots
  • No progressive jackpot to really make you go nuts
  • some might want extra features to sweeten the deal
  • If candy’s not your jam, this bright and bouncy theme could leave a sour taste

Sweet Success: An In-Depth Review of Candy Pop 2

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As a slots analyst, I’ve spun the reels on all the top games. But few pack a sugary punch like Candy Pop 2.

This Spadegaming release brings bursts of rainbow sweets cascading down the 5×5 grid. With cluster pays and a progressive multiplier during free spins, the excitement never stops.

As I recently covered in my review, Candy Pop 2 is now available at major Singapore online casinos. Players are hooked on the colorful candy combinations and chance to score over 50,000x their bet.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, I highly recommend giving this volatile slot a spin.

Candy Pop 2: A Sugary Adventure

Short Description:

Candy Pop 2 is an online video slot made by Spadegaming. It takes players to a whimsical candy world filled with colorful treats on the reels. Imagine a land of donut mountains and ice cream towers – that’s the backdrop for this sugary adventure!

Key Features:

  1. Cluster Pays: Instead of paylines, Candy Pop 2 uses a 6×6 grid where clusters of matching symbols lead to wins. When clusters disappear, new candies drop in for cascading wins.
  2. Cascading Wins: After each win, the winning symbols vanish and new ones fall down. This can create multiple wins from one spin.
  3. Free Spins with Growing Multipliers: Trigger Free Spins and enjoy multipliers that never reset. Keep winning and your multiplier keeps growing!
  4. Buy Bonus: Want Free Spins now? Use the Buy Bonus for 100x your total bet.

Game Details:

  • Software: Spadegaming
  • Release Date: 12th April 2023
  • Volatility: Medium
  • RTP: 96.49%
  • Maximum Win: €15,810 (SGD 25,000 approx)

How to Play:

  1. Load the game.
  2. Click yellow “i” to review paytable and rules.
  3. Adjust bet using “+” and “-” buttons (€0.2 to €500 range).
  4. Hit “Spin” and watch candies tumble!

Where to Play:

  1. 22Bet: Trusted site with games and bonuses.
  2. 20Bet: Secure environment to play Candy Pop 2.
  3. Casino Infinity: Play responsibly and enjoy the sugary delights.

All listed casinos are 18+ and follow responsible gambling.

Deposit and Withdraw:

  • Deposit SGD via credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers.
  • Withdraw winnings conveniently.


7.8 out of 10. The vibrant visuals, cascades, and growing multipliers make Candy Pop 2 a delightful, potentially rewarding choice. So Singaporean players, grab those virtual candy bags and spin the reels in Candy Pop 2!  

Overview of Candy Pop 2 and Spadegaming

Candy Pop 2 is a new 2020 release by Spadegaming, an innovative slot developer known for their creative math models and diverse portfolio. Based in Asia, they’ve made their mark crafting slots like Fa Cai Shen, Platoon Wild, and Magic Ian.

This candy-themed slot brings pops of color and Cluster Pays mechanics made popular by games like Sweet Bonanza.

The high potential payouts attract fans of volatile slots who enjoy chasing big wins. Now, let’s break down the key specifications powering this sugary game.

Core Slot Specs: Reels, Rows, Paylines and Bet Sizes

Candy Pop 2 utilizes a 5×5 reel format with 25 paylines. There’s a minimum bet of $0.25 and maximum of $125 per spin. This accommodates low and high rollers alike with the potential for big payouts.

Players can adjust their bet levels based on the coin value (0.01 to 5) and number of coins per bet (1 to 10). This provides a lot of flexibility for bankroll management.

As a cluster pays-style game, you’ll need to form groups of matching symbols anywhere on adjacent reels. No specific paylines are required, adding to the win potential.

Unique Game Features: Clusters, Cascades and Multipliers

Candy Pop 2 incorporates several special mechanics that amp up the gameplay.

Cluster Pays Adds Excitement

Rather than just winning combinations on set paylines, you can form clusters of five or more matching symbols. The more candies linked together, the higher the payout. This cluster pays format with tumbling reels creates lots of anticipation.

Cascading Reels Increase Engagement

Any winning clusters are removed and replaced with new symbols cascading down. This can trigger chain reactions and lead to even bigger wins.

Progressive Multiplier Keeps Building

A multiplier increases by 1x after every cascade up to 10x. This really accelerates payouts in the base game.

Free Spins Offer Multi-Layered Rewards

There are several ways to trigger the free spins bonus:

  • Get 8 or more scattered Pink Candy symbols
  • Form a cluster of 7 or more candies
  • Through the Bonus Buy feature

You’ll receive 12 free spins with all wins subjected to a starting multiplier of 3x. Plus, every 3 cascades increases the multiplier by 1, up to 10x. This creates monumental payout potential.

The bonus can also be retriggered by hitting 8 more Pink Candy scatters. With the right luck, you could end up with some massive rewards!

Buying The Bonus Adds Instant Excitement

For 100x your bet, you can instantly buy the free spins bonus through the Bonus Buy feature. This provides immediate access to those lucrative spins versus waiting to trigger them organically.

While costing a pretty penny, the possible payouts make Bonus Buy an enticing option for players feeling lucky. Just a few big wins can lead to a profit.

Symbol Payouts: Candy Clusters Are Key

<div class=”table-responsive”>

Symbol Cluster Required Payout
Green Candy 5+ 0.20x bet
Purple Candy 5+ 0.25x bet
Blue Candy 5+ 0.30x bet
Yellow Candy 5+ 0.40x bet
Red Candy 5+ 0.50x bet
Rainbow Swirl 5+ 1x bet
Pink Candy* 5+ 2x bet

</div> *Pink Candy also pays 10x bet for 8+ symbols. As you can see, the common candies offer small payouts that accumulate. But to really cash in, you need those all-important Pink Candy scatters. Connect 5 or more for 2x your bet, while 8 triggers those valuable free spins.

This is a high variance slot, so patience and persistence is recommended. But when those big clusters hit, get ready for a sugar overload!

How Candy Pop 2 Compares to Other Candy Slots

There’s no shortage of candy-filled games in the online casino world. Let’s see how Candy Pop 2 sizes up against the competition.

Popular Candy Slots

  • Sweet Bonanza – Pragmatic Play’s hit with tumbling reels and lollipop scatters.
  • Candy Blitz – Gamzix game with conveying reels and candies breaking open.
  • Sugar Supreme Powernudge – Oryx Gaming title with respins and stacked wilds.

What Makes Candy Pop 2 Stand Out

While those games are certainly hits, Candy Pop 2 holds its own with:

  • Unique Payout Mechanics – The cluster pays and cascading reels create engaging gameplay.
  • Volatility – The potential for big wins here keeps players on the edge of their seats.
  • Innovative Bonus – Having the multiplier increase during free spins is a clever extra touch.

For clusters and cascades with a satisfying dose of volatility, Candy Pop 2 hits the sweet spot!

Inside Scoop: Player Experiences and Tips

Let’s get an inside look at real player feedback for Candy Pop 2. We’ll cover the key wins, lessons learned, and recommended strategies.

User Reviews Show Mixed Experiences

  • “I hit over 200x my bet from a huge cluster of Pink Candy. The payout potential is amazing if you can trigger those big symbol connections.”
  • “It’s a super volatile slot. I’ve had it pay nothing for ages but also had some massive wins from the bonus. If you’ve got patience, it can pay off big time.”
  • “I lost a lot quickly. It seems like you need a big bankroll and tolerance for risk with how high variance it is. Not one if you’re looking for small, steady payouts.”

Players Offer Tips and Strategies

  • “Use lower bet sizes to get the most mileage out of your bankroll. You want to survive the dry spells.”
  • “Really pay attention to symbol connections to identify cluster opportunities.”
  • “Try the Bonus Buy feature once in a while when you’re feeling lucky for a shot at those free spins.”
  • “Have your finger ready to stop the autoplay if a big win starts cascading. Sometimes it keeps going!”

A View Behind the Reels with Spadegaming

To gain insights directly from the source, we sat down with Spadegaming’s team to discuss the inspiration and development process for Candy Pop 2.

What Inspired This Sweet Slot?

“We wanted to build on the success of tumbling reels games like Sweet Bonanza but add our own innovative math model and features like the increasing multiplier. The candy theme along with the explosive payout potential delivers the perfect recipe for engagement and enjoyment.”

The Creation Process and Challenges

“Balancing such high volatility and big payout mechanics took a lot of testing and tweaking. We went through extensive RNG certification to ensure fair results for players. The end product really delivers the excitement we were aiming for.”

Should You Buy the Bonus?

One of the big questions surrounding Candy Pop 2 is whether the Bonus Buy feature is worth it. Let’s dig into the pros and cons.

Potential Advantages

  • Immediate access to potentially lucrative free spins
  • Starting multiplier already at 3x
  • Chance to retrigger more free spins

Downsides to Consider

  • Costs 100x your bet upfront
  • No guarantee of big payouts
  • Some feel it’s “cheating” the game

Player Thoughts on Bonus Buy

  • “I’ve had it pay over 1000x my bet which easily covered the cost. But also bought it many times for nothing. It’s a true gamble but worth trying occasionally.”
  • “If you have the bankroll, it can be worthwhile. But approach with caution as it could drain you quick with bad luck.”
  • “I’m not a fan. Feels like skipping the intended progression of the game. I’d rather trigger it naturally.”

While results vary, Bonus Buy certainly spices up the experience. Give it a shot selectively when feeling bold.

Demo the Slot Yourself in This Interactive Experience

Now that you’ve got all the details on Candy Pop 2, it’s time to dive in and give the game a spin yourself! In this interactive demo, you’ll get hands-on with the key features and see the sugary excitement in action.

Spinning the Reels

Take a moment to appreciate the vibrant candy symbols as they cascade down the reels with each spin. Notice how clusters and chains begin forming across the grid for payouts. 

Free Spins in Action

When eight Pink Candy scatters land, the free spins bonus kicks off. Watch as those tumbles keep coming and the multiplier increases. With some luck, you’ll get to enjoy some seriously sweet rewards! 

Bonus Buy Experience

If you’re feeling bold, give the Bonus Buy a try and instantly purchase those free spins. It certainly packs an immediate punch. Just be ready, as the results can vary wildly. 

Key Takeaways

After seeing Candy Pop 2 in action, you get a feel for just how engaging the gameplay can be. When those big symbol clusters start hitting, the payout party really gets going!

Regional Insights: Candy Pop 2 in Singapore

For players in Singapore, Candy Pop 2 is widely available across major online casinos. Let’s take a look at the options and special promotions.

Top Recommended Singapore Casinos

  • Velobet Casino – 100% first deposit bonus up to $500
  • Rolletto Casino – 10% weekly cashback available
  • Cosmobet Casino – Free spins Sunday offer
  • MyStake Casino – Daily reload bonus for Candy Pop 2

Check each casino’s specific welcome bonus terms before signing up. Players must be age 21+ to create an account and play.

Be sure to take advantage of any Candy Pop 2 promotions that offer extra value. And gamble responsibly by setting deposit limits and spin speeds.

Stay on Top of the Latest Candy Pop 2 News

To help you stay up to date on all-things Candy Pop 2, here are some useful resources:

Ongoing Promotions

Frequently check the casinos offering Candy Pop 2 to see if any limited-time promotions are running. Bonus spins, tournament leaderboards, and prize draws can add even more excitement.

Spadegaming Updates

Keep an eye on Spadegaming’s social media and blog to see if any Candy Pop 2 events, features, or special versions get released. The developer actively supports their games post-launch.

Satisfy That Sweet Tooth with Candy Pop 2

Candy Pop 2 delivers a flavorful experience defined by cascading reels, sweet payouts, and engaging special features.

While high volatility slots aren’t for everyone, the cluster pays action provides loads of anticipation and rewards patience with some huge wins. Spadegaming hit the jackpot crafting a slot that stands out from standard candy-themed games.

The cutesy colors and explosive payout potential make for one satisfying sugar rush. Just be sure to set your bankroll expectations accordingly and practice responsible gaming.

So if you’ve got a craving for clusters and a high variance experience, grab a spoon and dig into Candy Pop 2 today! Your taste buds will thank you.

Candy Pop 2 Alternatives to Consider in Singapore

While Candy Pop 2 is a top game, here are some few alternatives you can check out:

  • Alien Hunter – Immersive game with high potential for significant wins.
  • Fishing War – Popular game with fast payouts.
  • Captain Golds Fortune  – Mobile-Friendly game with generous payouts and jackpots.


What is the RTP for Candy Pop 2?

The advertised RTP for Candy Pop 2 is 96%. However, as a high variance slot, results can fluctuate wildly in the short term.

Does Candy Pop 2 have a free play demo?

Yes, many online casinos allow you to demo Candy Pop 2 for free without registering. This lets you test the gameplay in practice mode before playing for real.

What tips do you recommend for Candy Pop 2?

Patience and proper bankroll management are key. Lower your bet size and use the autoplay judiciously, as the dry spells can be long. But when you hit those big clusters, it pays off!

What is the max win possible?

The top fixed jackpot is 50,000x your bet when filling the screen entirely with the Pink Candy Bonus symbols. But with the potential for unlimited cascades, the max payout has no set limit.

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