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The Ultimate Singapore Badminton Betting Guide for 2024

Badminton betting involves wagering money on the outcome of professional badminton matches and tournaments.

While it can be exciting and profitable, irresponsible betting can lead to financial and social harm.

As a sports betting analyst, I’ve helped countless players make smart wagers.

With over a decade advising on formats from football accumulators to darts outright, badminton betting intrigues me given its exponential growth.

This guide aims to equip you with insights into making informed betting choices.

Overview of Badminton Betting

There are many ways to bet on badminton. The most common betting markets include match winner, handicap betting, total points betting and proposition bets.

With handicap and total points betting, bookmakers set a benchmark number that bettors can wager over or under.

Prop bets allow betting on niche outcomes like the number of fault serves or who will win the first set. By understanding the rules of each market, bettors can explore options beyond just picking the match winner.

The Importance of Responsible Betting

As with any form of gambling, responsible betting habits are vital. Those partaking should set budgets based on their financial situations and stop when their predetermined limits are reached.

Betting should also be viewed as a recreational activity rather than a means to financial gain.

Adhering to responsible betting standards prevents problems like overspending, financial difficulties and strained relationships. Moderation and self-control are key.

Understanding Badminton Betting

Badminton betting functions similarly to other sports wagering. Let’s examine some key rules and the growth of badminton’s betting market.

Badminton Betting Rules

The most popular badminton betting options are:

Match Winner

This involves picking the player or team you think will win a match. Odds are assigned based on factors like rankings, head-to-head records and form.

Handicap Betting

With handicap betting, a handicap is applied to the player or team deemed more likely to win. The stronger side therefore has to win by a margin greater than the handicap for bets on them to payout. This creates more balanced odds for both outcomes.

Total Points Betting

Bookmakers set a number regarding the total points likely to be played in a match. Bettors can then wager on whether the actual number will be over or under that benchmark.

Prop Bets

These niche bets do not involve match results. Examples include number of sets, correct set scores, or whether the match will go to deuce at any point.

The Badminton Betting Market

Overview of Global Badminton Betting

Badminton betting remains most prominent in Asia which dominates the professional scene.

The 2023 BWF World Tour featured over $11 million in prize money showcasing the scale and commercial interests in the sport.

This fuels a growing badminton betting sector worth an estimated $3 billion annually.

Tennis and Badminton Markets Serving Up Major Growth

Did you know the global tennis and badminton equipment market is absolutely booming? Yep, new research reveals this sports gear industry is smashing records left and right.

The Numbers In 2022, the combined tennis and badminton market was valued at a massive $10.6 billion. Not too shabby! But get this – analysts predict even bigger things in the coming years.

By 2028, they expect the total market value to rocket up to an astronomical $16.1 billion. That’s an average annual growth rate of 7.24% over the next 5 years. Absolutely insane trajectory! (Source:

What’s Driving the Surge? So why are tennis and badminton products selling like hotcakes these days? Well, a few key factors:

  • Rising interest in racquet sports (thanks influencers/social media!)
  • Growth of youth participation and training academies
  • Increasing disposable incomes in developing nations
  • Expansion of e-commerce channels making gear more accessible

The Opportunity For sports brands, retailers, investors – this rapid market expansion translates into a massive money-making opportunity. Those able to capitalize on the racquet sports craze could seriously cash in over the next 5-10 years.

Getting in early on emerging markets is always smart. And with growth projections like these, you’d be wise to start serving up your tennis and badminton product gameplan ASAP.

This upward swing isn’t just a short rally either. All signs point to racquet sports continuing to pick up rackers worldwide for the foreseeable future. Don’t waste this prime chance to claim your slice of the lucrative pie!

Badminton Betting Markets and Odds

Let’s explore popular betting markets and how odds function in badminton wagering:

Primary Betting Markets

While rules vary between sportsbooks, key options are:

Match Winner

The most straightforward, bettors choose either player or team to win.

Handicap Betting

Bets remain on match winner but after handicaps are factored in.

Total Points Betting

Wagering on total points scored exceeding or falling below operator’s benchmark.

Correct Score Betting

Predicting the exact match scoreline (e.g. Team A winning 21-19, 23-21).

Game Winner

Picking which player or team wins an individual game rather than full match.

Over/Under Statistics

Betting on player stats like aces or smashes going over or under a set number.

Outright Tournament Winner

Wagering on tournament rather than match outcome.

Importance of In-Play Betting

In-play or live betting allows punters to place wagers as matches occur. This brings additional information like current form and momentum that bet settlement odds react to accordingly. In-play badminton betting is integral for bookmakers given sudden shifts common in games.

Top Tournaments for Badminton Betting

Badminton’s structured tournament calendar with high-profile yearly events provide regular fixtures to bet on. Top competitions include:

BWF World Tour Finals

The season finale features top 8 singles and doubles players/pairs competing for over $1.5 million in prize money. Occurring each December, it showcases elite badminton talent.

BWF World Championships

Staged every August, this tournament is one of badminton’s three major world championships, making it highly prestigious to win. It also has over $1 million in prize money at stake.

Olympic Games

As an Olympic sport since 1992, claiming gold at badminton’s quadrennial Summer Games event is viewed as the pinnacle achievement. Olympic success also translates to profitable endorsement and sponsorship deals for shuttlers.

Thomas Cup, Uber Cup and Sudirman Cup

These high-profile men’s, women’s and mixed-team tournaments pit countries against each other adding national pride factors that can motivate players and impact betting odds.

Understanding Badminton Betting Odds

With many bookmakers offering badminton odds, let’s demystify how these work:

Decimal Formats Explained

Odds in decimal formats represent potential total payouts from $1 wagers including original stake. For example odds of 1.80 mean a $1 bet returns $1.80 total ($0.80 profit). Higher decimals bring bigger possible payouts but lower win chance.

Real-Life Examples

If Steve places a $50 bet on Player A to win at odds of 1.30:

  • Player A wins: Steve wins $65 ($50 original stake + $15 profit)
  • Player A loses: Steve loses $50

With decimal odds, required stake sizes to yield specific potential profits can also be calculated.

Tips and Strategies for Badminton Betting

Succeeding at badminton betting requires approaches like:

Research and Analysis

Leveraging stats, records, forms and injuries helps predict likely winners. Analyzing playing styles to spot mismatches assists in handicap and total points betting.

Value Betting

This involves wagering when perceived odds are higher than actual win chances. Identifying and capitalizing on bad odds set by bookmakers generates long-term profits.

Exploring Different Markets

Restricting to basic match winner bets limits upside. Venturing into other markets like correct scores and props provides more options.

Bankroll Management

Only betting sums you can afford to lose ensures financial security. Separating betting funds from day-to-day money prevents overspending beyond means.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Pitfalls like emotionally-driven betting, chasing losses and underestimating underdogs must be avoided. Maintaining disciplined, rational approaches is key.

Common Badminton Betting Mistakes

Some mistakes commonly made include:

  • Betting more than affordable sums out of greed
  • Placing wagers while under the influence of alcohol
  • Chasing losses by recklessly betting even more
  • Failing to factor opponent strengths and weaknesses into analyses
  • Assuming star players never lose unexpectedly

Such errors can turn badminton betting from an engaging hobby into a problematic habit with severe monetary and life impacts if left unchecked. Bet responsibly.

Best Betting Sites for Badminton

Top licensed Singaporean betting sites popular for badminton wagering feature:


Known for offering among the highest badminton odds and extensive live streaming capabilities.


Provides a wide array of niche betting markets catering to analytical players.


User-friendly interface and clean design that enhance customer experiences.


Trusted long-running Singapore-based operator with frequent promotions.


Accepts lower stakes allowing casual bettors to enjoy badminton wagering.

When selecting bookmakers, factors like odds levels, variety of betting options, trustworthiness, user experiences and responsible gambling features matter. Checking licensing and regulation statuses can help pick legitimate sportsbooks as well.

My Final Thoughts

Badminton with its fast-paced play and unpredictable rallies proves exciting to wager on. While potentially rewarding, responsible betting habits are essential.

By understanding key markets, tournaments, odds formats and avoiding common mistakes, players can make informed wagers during badminton events.

Consulting detailed analytics and leveraging bookmaker incentives also helps long-term profitability.

Badminton betting can serve as intellectual challenges for seasoned punters, so brush up on strategies and explore sportsbooks to responsibly bet on your favorite shuttlers.


Is badminton betting legal in Singapore?

Yes, citizens and residents can legally access licensed betting sites and land-based operators like Singapore Pools. However, illegal unregulated bookmakers should be avoided.

What is handicap betting in badminton?

This is where bookmakers apply a points handicap to the expected match winner. The stronger team/player would therefore have to win by a margin greater than that benchmark for bets on them to be successful.

Do bookmakers offer live streaming for badminton events?

Many licensed sportsbooks allow users to live stream matches within their platforms. This enhances in-play betting experiences so punters can bet as the action unfolds.

Gambling Problem Help

While gambling is meant to be enjoyable, it can become a serious issue for some individuals. If you’re experiencing difficulties related to gambling, seek help from:

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